Combined Major

A combined major is a curriculum program that combines at least two major programs offered by two or more departments, or a curriculum proposed by a student which is approved by the University. Currently there are two combined major programs, which are the Program in Information and Multimedia Culture and the Program in Technology Management.

Applicant Qualifications & Application Period for Combined Major

To apply to one of these programs, students must be in one of the majors that participate in a combined major program. Students also must have been registered for more than four semesters, earned more than half of the credits needed for graduation, and obtained a GPA of 2.7 or above in the preceding semester. Students undertaking minor or multiple major studies are not eligible for this program.

Credit Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 39 credits of major courses as specified by the relevant departments of the combined major program, and obtain a GPA of 2.0 or above. Within a combined major program, courses overlapping are not counted more than once.

Application Procedures & Cancellation

Students must obtain approval from their academic advisor, department head, and the relevant college of their combined major and submit a combined major application form and their transcript to the combined major supervisor during the application period. The application period is two weeks before the end of the 2nd semester. Students undertaking combined major studies will receive instructions on combined major courses and completion procedures from the combined major program supervisor.

* If students decide to cancel their combined major studies, they are required to submit their cancellation form two weeks before the beginning of a semester.


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